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All About Soul Fruit | Dried Fruit Snacks

A vibrant team of sustainable super-snacks have arrived to redefine our snacking, making every nibble better for us and the planet! So, if you find yourself constantly snacking on the go or looking for an energy boost in between meals, Soul Fruit dried snacks may be exactly what you need!

Delivered to your doorstep and from 100% solar-powered factories, every piece of Soul Fruit is dried at peak ripeness and nutritional content. In addition, each pack contains only sustainably sourced fruits that are harvested and preserved without additives. 

That means every bite is full of extraordinary flavour and essential vitamins and minerals, nourishing you while satisfying all your cravings.

Our story: how Soul Fruit came to be

Two travellers, Nat & Dan, became determined to bring the exotic tastes and pureness of Asian fruits to mainstream snacking.

The pair wondered: with so many amazing varieties of fruit, why did there always seem to be such a small selection of dried fruit snacks? It shouldn't always have to be the same old raisins or dried apples. So, on a mission to disrupt an industry of preservative and sugar-laden mainstream snacking, they launched Soul Fruit.

Spoilt with a mouth-watering variety of superfruits, they realised that the best quality fruits that are dried the right way didn’t need anything added to them at all. They found that by removing the water and condensing the rich, fruity flavours, the nutrients would become naturally locked into the dried fruit. In addition, these dried superfruits had a tender, chewy texture that rivalled less healthy alternatives. 

Enthralled with a mission to bring tasty superfoods to the market, they spent the best months of their lives drying, trying, and perfecting the most delicious exotic fruits. The result was a range of 100% natural super-snacks

How we create our dry fruits, sustainably

​​Sustainability is at the core of our fresh fruit-inspired creations. From drying to transportation, we take every opportunity to lighten our carbon footprint and make a product that has earth integrity. 

100% solar powered

While many snacking brands may source sustainably, not all go the extra mile to produce sustainably. Producing snacks takes power, and ours uses an infinite resource - sunlight. 

Our fruit is left to ripen to its peak flavour & nutritional content without relying on fossil fuel-powered electricity. Soul Fruit dries its dried fruits at the source - on the very same farmland it's grown on.

Global GAP-certified farms

Sustainably sourcing raw ingredients of the highest quality is the core of our snacking brand. This means connecting with and maintaining strong relationships with farms that are on the same mission that we are, which is why we only work with GLOBAL GAP-Certified farms

This private organisation works with farms to support farmers by connecting them to markets where they can sell their sustainably-produced agricultural products. This enables them to develop and implement farm assurance systems that are recognised throughout the supply chain. 

This means our partner farms are non-intensive – using no artificial pesticides, fertilisers, or chemicals, allowing for future land regeneration.

Carbon neutral 

Since our first day, every bag of Soul Fruit has been carbon neutral due to our 100% solar-powered drying facility and partnership with Carbon Footprint - to offset every gram of carbon produced.

In addition, we go the extra mile in committing to a fairer world and better environment as a verified member of 1% For The Planet, a global network of companies that put the planet over profit by donating 1% of proceeds back to environmental causes.  

Our products

Now, onto the main act - our products. Soul Food innovates better all-natural, quick healthy fruit snacks. We use premium tropical superfruits, simply dried to an irresistibly chewy or satisfyingly crunchy fruit snack, with no added sugar, sulfites, or oils. All of our snacks are: 

  • Plant-based
  • One of your five-a-day servings of fruit
  • Gluten-free
  • Sustainably sourced 
  • High in fibre
  • Highly nutritious

Meet our superfruits

Exotic, tangy, tropical chewy perfection in your mouth. Meet the stars of Soul Fruit:

  • Dragonfruit
  • Jackfruit
  • Keo savoy mango

      Soul Fruit: soft dried fruit & fruit chips

      We recognise that there are two types of snackers in the world; the chewers and the crunchers. Because we believe our fruit and you should coexist in harmony, we’ve made a snack for both. 

      We deliver slices of exotic snacking in two forms; soft dried and chips. Dried to perfection, made of 100% fruit with absolutely nothing ever added. Did we mention that they're also 100% vegan and gluten free?

      Soul Fruit subscriptions

      Life is full of hard decisions and life to-dos, snacking shouldn’t be one of them. So we’ve made your snack supply less stressful by providing a healthy snack subscription box that will automatically deliver immune-boosting, gut-protecting, and micronutrients to your mouth on a regular basis.

      Simply add this subscription option on when adding a Soul Fruit snack to your basket.

      How we know we’re onto something great

      It turns out we’re not the only ones who think we’re on to great things. Soul Fruit Snacks received not one but four Great Taste Awards in 2022. Even though we already knew they tasted great, they have officially now been certified delicious by experts! So, what are you waiting for? Grab a snack at Soul Fruit today!

      Want to stock Soul Fruits at your store?

      If you want to join the major retailers that are now hosting our dried superfruit goodness, we would love for you to become a Soul Mate. Contact us at hello@soulfruit.co.uk for more information.

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