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Dried Fruit – The Best of Both Worlds

At Soul Fruit our Mission is to inspire you to snack smarter, cleaner & more sustainably. But how can we make our exotic fruit snacks to be the healthiest and friendliest they can be?



In our quest to eat our 5 a day every day – how many of the fruits we eat are grown abroad? Studies have shown that it is up to 84% of all fruits sold in the UK are imported from abroad, with a number of these needing to be flown in, causing a large carbon footprint.






In order to allow for the international transport & distribution, it means that fruit has to be picked several weeks before it is fully ripe in order for it to ripen off the vine during transport. That’s why fruit always tastes so much better when eaten in its original country, because it’s been left to fully ripen and mature in taste whilst only picked at its peak.





Unfortunately, we have all experienced finding the most delicious exotic fruits often looking bruised, over ripe or slightly withered once it reaches our shelves. This also means that a significant % of the imported fruit, which was specially flown in, will go to waste.

And that’s what we mean by snacking smarter.


By Drying every piece of Soul Fruit at source (literally on the same farmland its grown on), our fruit is left to ripen to its peak flavour & nutritional content, naturally. After being harvested, its immediately dried in our 100% solar power factory, locking in the great taste and health benefits.


This dried fruit has a much-extended shelf life and can then be transported by sea freight – the lowest carbon emitting form of commercial transport. It also leads to much less food waste as it isn’t a perishable when dried, whist also being more convenient to eat at any time!






Because caring about our health, the environment & food waste can be simple when we understand how. And that’s why we are partnered with Carbon Footprint to offset every gram of carbon produced since day 1 & are verified members of 1% for the Planet to show our commitment to making a difference & look after our planet.

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