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Gut Friendly Goodness: How Dried Fruit Can Enhance Your Digestive Wellbeing

Laura jennings, nutritionist

Article written by Laura Jennings | Nutritionist

I am  Laura Jennings, a Registered  Associate Nutritionist and academic researcher. My focus lies in exploring the intricate relationship between nutrition and mental health. I am passionate about informing people on the profound impact that diet can have on our mood, motivation, and energy levels and will share with you today how dried fruit can improve your mental wellbeing.



Dried fruits: Gut Friendly Goodness


Gut Friendly Goodness: How Dried Fruit Can Enhance Your Digestive Wellbeing


The world of wellness is full of contrasts – yoga vs HIIT, paleo vs vegan, breathwork vs ecstatic dance. Yet, despite these differences, we can all agree that digestion is key for a good quality of life and overall health. When food flows through the digestive system harmoniously, it brings several benefits, such as, less fatigue, vibrant skin, better sleep and a leaner physique. But the reality is that for most of us, we experience bloating, acid reflux, stomach cramps, gas and irregular bowel movements. 


Why is poor digestion so common?

Many of us experience busy schedules, constantly navigating a state of fight-or-flight throughout the day. Coupled with prolonged periods of sedentary work and reliance on quick, ultra-processed snacks due to time constraints, this lifestyle is not conducive to maintaining optimal digestive wellbeing.


So what can we do about it?

In contrast to the challenges posed by hectic schedules and less-than-ideal dietary choices, incorporating dried fruit snacks into our routine can be a positive step towards hitting our daily fibre recommendation of 25g and enhancing digestive wellbeing. We got Registered Nutritionist Laura Jennings to tell us why dried fruit can keep our digestive system functioning smoothly:


Dried Fruit Contains Fibre Which Promotes Bowel Regularity.

“Dried fruits contain a special kind of fibre that doesn't dissolve in water”, says Jennings. This fibre absorbs water in our guts, making the contents of our bowels softer*. As a result, it becomes easier for our food to move through the digestive system, increasing the ease and regularity for when we go to the bathroom, preventing constipation*. According to Jennings, if you really want to get as much bang for your buck when it comes to fibre, dried dragon fruit is your winner, packing 5.6 grams in just 1 cup!


Dried Fruit Feeds Our Good Gut Bacteria.

Jennings highlights that dried fruits are rich in fibre, polyphenols and other nutrients like vitamin C*, which promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, while inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria*. Specifically dried fruit contains prebiotic fibres, which directly feed our good bacteria, allowing them to grow and increase the overall diversity of our gut*.


Dried Fruit Helps Prevent Common Gut Symptoms.

Dried fruit gets fermented in the gut, which produces short-chain-fatty-acids (SCFAs), which helps to reduce inflammation and improve gut functioning*, meaning that we are less likely to experience symptoms, such as constipation and cramping, which are associated with gut disorders like IBS and Crohn’s.


Incorporating dried fruits into our diet can significantly enhance our digestive wellbeing. The fibre found in dried fruits promotes bowel regularity, ensuring smoother and more comfortable trips to the bathroom. Moreover, these fruits act as a nourishing source for the good bacteria in our gut, contributing to a healthier digestive environment. By including dried fruits in our routine, we take a proactive step in preventing common gut symptoms, paving the way for a happier and more balanced digestive experience.





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