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Healthy Snacks Can Make A Workplace Better!

Healthy snacks can have a significant impact on your workforce. Good food does more than nourish the body & mind - it sends a strong message to your employees and potential future employees too.


Eating Healthy Snacks Can Increase Productivity!

Dragon Fruit Healthy Snack

We all know that snacks can provide a welcome energy boost when you hit that mid-morning and mid-afternoon slump. But choosing the right snacks also play an important role in this sustained energy boost.

When you choose a snack high in added sugar, artificial sweeteners or additives, they might give an initial energy boost, but will lead to a crash just a couple of hours later.

When a person feels sluggish, fatigued, or unhealthy, they are less likely to give their best performance. They will be more likely to work slowly, make mistakes, or even take sick days.

 Healthy whole food snacks with no added sugar, and that are high in protein or fibre, will leave you feeling more energised and focused throughout the whole day - improving concentration and therefore increasing productivity in the workplace.


Healthy Snacks Make Your Workplace Happier!

Healthy Workplace Snacks

If you’re an employer, then listen up – studies have shown that 67% of employees are happier at their job as a result of the snacks provided to them. Yes you heard us right!

Perhaps knowing that their employer is looking after their health and wellbeing by surrounding them with productivity enhancing delicious healthy snacks – might just be the trick you’re missing in your office!

There’s also links between ingredients that can boost your mood by raising endorphin levels. Mango for example contains tryptophan, which converts your body into the “happiness hormone” serotonin, enhancing your mood naturally.



Healthy Snacks Can Improve Mental Wellbeing!

Jackfruit Chips Office Snack


Studies have shown that healthy snacks can not only improve mood in the short term, but it can also have a longer term impact on your overall mental wellness. Our guts and brain are physically linked via the vagus nerve, and the two are able to send messages to one another. While the gut is able to influence emotional behaviour in the brain, the brain can also alter the type of bacteria living in the gut.

Dragon Fruit naturally contains pre-biotics –specialized plant fibres that stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut, which can in turn lead to a healthier mind!


Healthy Snacks can improve overall wellbeing!

Healthy Office Snacks

Substituting your typical midday unhealthy snack for fruit may help your overall well-being, new studies have found. People who consumed a diet rich in fruits and vegetables were reportedly less likely to have symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety compared to those who do not eat these nutrient rich foods as regularly. Better physical health leads to less employee sick days… (just saying..!)


Having healthy snacks available in the office can have so many benefits. Replacing unhealthy snacks with healthy alternatives in the workplace can increase productivity, improve mental & physical wellbeing and make the workplace and even happier place to be!

If you're looking to UP your office snack game or just change up the way you personally snack at work - get in touch - hello@soulfruit.co.uk - we're here to help!

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