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It's Official - We taste GREAT!

4 out of 5 of our Fruit Snacks have won Great Taste Awards! Even though we already knew they tasted great, they have officially now been certified Delicious!

 Great Taste is the world’s largest and most trusted food and drink accreditation scheme. It supports and promotes food & drink producers, large and small, giving buyers and food lovers in the UK and overseas reliable recommendations for great tasting food.

Winning FOUR awards after only launching our Full Range 5 months ago in March is a huge achievement for us and we couldn’t have done it without all our #SoulMates support – so thank you!

We only ever use the best quality, perfectly ripe fruit grown on Organic Farms, which use no artificial pesticides or chemical fertilisers. Picking the fruit at peak ripeness and drying it immediately in our Solar Powered factory ensures that each piece of our dried fruit is bursting with natural fruity flavour whilst still retaining all its nutritional value.

Our Dragon Fruit Chips

not only visually excite in colour, but also with its unique taste and winning an Award for something that’s so different to anything that’s on the market really made us smile! Dragon Fruit is a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, prebiotic, omegas and plant protein and with our convenient Chips – you can get all the benefits of the fruit in delicious crunchy bites.

Here’s what the judges had to say about our Award Winning Dragon Fruit Chips:


“Visually striking, these fruit chips have exciting colour combinations - red and black and black and white with seeds clearly visible. Very appealing. They have a crunchy nutty mouthfeel which finishes with a sweet flavour at the end. An innovative alternative to traditional crisps and nuts. An interesting flavour journey from savoury to sweet. This would work well in the snack market and be popular among kids.”

“We felt the product was original in concept. The crunch is firm and the texture holds well. Despite being dried the fruity flavour bursts through once bitten with the white fruit being citrussy and less sweet than the contrasting red fruit. An interesting innovation.”



has been becoming increasing popular in vegan and vegetarian dishes because of its texture, nutritional content and how it absorbs other flavours that you cook it with.

However we wanted to show just HOW delicious Jackfruit as a fruit actually is! Delicately sweet, and almost a combination of mango and banana in taste, our Jackfruit chips give that satisfying crisp crunch, with a more-ish tropical taste.




Our Soft Dried Mango


has become one of our best sellers and we can't wait for more people to try now it's won a Great Taste Award. We spent a lot of time perfecting it – to make sure it’s the best tasting out there.

And we’re so happy all that time and effort has paid off. It’s difficult to get dried mango deliciously soft, chewy and sweet without adding any sugar, oil or sulphites. But after lots of tweaks, time & tries – we think we’ve perfected it. And it seems everyone else thinks so too...





Our Soft Dried Dragon Fruit

is our OG and our best seller, so winning a Great Taste Award really confirmed what everyone was thinking all along – that the taste & texture is AWESOME!

Here’s what the judges had to say about our Award Winning Soft Dried Dragon Fruit:

“We liked the concept of these soft dried fruit. We thought they looked crisp but enjoyed the chewy intensity. At the start the nutty sesame taste was similar for both colours but then the red fruit slices tasted juicier and tarter then the white ones. These would be great for kids, both in terms of visual appeal and variety of flavour. For adults, we think they'd be great for road trips as a healthy snack or even on a cheeseboard. This is a great idea, well executed.”

“We love the colour contrasts here, paused at the visual seediness but found their delicate crunch rather delightful. We enjoyed, too, the essential tanginess of the fruit… releasing a pleasant sweetness alongside the tang and the crunch.”


And we couldn't forget about our Mango Chips - delicate shards of mango with a honeycomb like texture. Even though they didn't receive an award they are still super popular amongst all our #SoulMates - so don't worry, these aren't going anywhere!

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