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The Soul Founders

Hey! We’re Dan & Nat – Soul Fruit’s sweet toothed, snackaholic, co-founders.

As a Yoga teacher and sports enthusiast, we have always led pretty healthy lifestyles, but there was one habit we chose to blissfully ignore – our snacking.

As one of our mutual loves, we used to spend hours cruising the snack aisles. Enticed by all the bright colours & fun packaging, we never really noticed the amount of hidden refined sugars and synthetic additives we were consuming. Growing up we had some idea about sweet dangers of refined sugars, but never really appreciated just how much rubbish went into making our old favourite snacks and just how unhealthy they could be.

In 2015 we moved to Hong Kong and were completely captivated by all the incredible new fruits and amazing tastes. Naturally adventurous, and missing our Percy Pigs, we tried as many as we could get our hands on.

Despite a few upsets along the way (most notably with a fruit called Durian) we became obsessed with the amazing variety of sweet flavours.

It wasn’t long until our snacking habits changed, and we no longer chose our artificial sugary gummies – instead we loaded up on naturally sweet, delicious exotic fruit that had a whole heap of added health benefits as well as curbing our sugary cravings.

But there were always two draw backs to our new favourite snack:

Firstly, eating fresh fruit isn’t always the most convenient or tidy - especially if eating it on the go. Secondly, we realised one of the biggest appeals of the artificial snacks we used to love, was their texture. The moreish chewiness of sweets or satisfying crunch of crisps isn’t something we could get from fresh fruit.

By using modern drying techniques and a lot of experimentation, we transformed our favourite exotic fruits into the perfect convenient bite sized snacks, whist keeping all the nutrition locked inside.

By simply removing the fruits water content under different conditions, we produced a snack that resembled the best textures of your typical unhealthy snacks – but was instead a super healthy 100% natural superfruit we could eat anywhere!

Soul Fruit was Born!

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