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What is Dragon Fruit

Of all of the exotic fruits across Asia, one of the most highly regarded is Dragon Fruit. Partly because of its amazing nutritional properties, partly because of its magical appearance – with both red & white flesh varieties and partly because it is believed to carry luck.

Surprisingly however, Dragon Fruit is originally from South America, but is now grown across Asia since it was introduced to Vietnam by French explorers in the 1800’s. When trying fresh Dragon Fruit for the first time, some people can be slightly disappointed if they are expecting a sharp tangy flavour similar to Mango or Pineapple. Dragon Fruit has a slightly more mellow flavour which is similar in taste to a mixture of a kiwi, pear & watermelon.

We loved the refreshing taste of fresh dragon fruit and would eat it for breakfast most days. But the first time trying dried Dragon Fruit – we were blown away by how the awesome flavour had been concentrated into each slice. The sweetness of the flesh coupled with the almost sesame like caramel of the tiny seeds was completely unique. But even more incredible than the taste was the texture of the 2 varieties.

Dried Dragon Fruit


The soft dried Dragon Fruit was so irresistibly chewy and indulgent whist the chips were so satisfyingly crunchy we couldn’t believe they were simply dried. We had only ever tried textures like those with artificial candy or fried chips – but never in a completely natural and healthy fruit snack.



Using modern drying techniques were able to capture all of the health benefits of one of the most amazing tropical superfruits. At the same time, we can condense down dragon fruits subtle flavour into a rich tasting fruity snack, that is more environmentally friendly than flying fresh fruit around the world.

This perfectly combined the best parts of all of our favourite snacks into a beautifully unique treat.

Try them now for yourself!

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